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When you get hurt and can’t work, your monthly expenses keep coming in. If you can’t work, this can be especially stressful. Even if you can still work, the problem then becomes the unexpected medical bills. Depending on the type of personal injury involved, you may even have property damage. Would you be able to replace your car, computer, or other pricy belongings damaged in the accident? If you or someone you love is involved in an accident, call The Lawyers For The Injured at (909) 482-0384. Our personal injury lawyers provide free consultations. We’re also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personal Injury Law Definition

Personal injury law is covered by civil law. It means that there is an injury that results from the negligence or liability of another individual, entity, or business. When someone is hurt because of that negligence, the injured party may sue for financial compensation.

Of course, that’s a simple explanation of what can be a very complex area of law that involves various theories and defenses. A theory is a cause of action that someone may use to file their claim. A defense is one or more explanations the alleged negligent party may use to try and prove that they were not negligent.

The most common theory is negligence. This means that someone did not use reasonable care in their actions. Their lack of reasonable care caused another person to get injured in some way. This may be a physical injury to the body of some kind or it could even be property damage. For example, if someone runs a stop sign, but no one is physically injured and there is no property damage, the person may have broken the law, but they couldn’t be sued by another person for negligence. However, if they ran a stop sign and hit a pedestrian or another car, their negligence could result in bodily injury and property damage.

What Are the Common Types of Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury cases aren’t just car accidents. We used that as an example in the last paragraph because it is one of the common types of personal injury that happen in California. Other common personal injuries that happen include:

  • Slip and falls. Slip and falls can occur just about anywhere. The most common locations include shopping centers, grocery stores, and the workplace. They can also happen on city-owned sidewalks. They can be quite dangerous because they often result in injuries to the head, neck, or back.
  • On the job injuries. These injuries can be devastating even if they aren’t fatal. The most common on the job injuries are repetitive stress injuries, broken bones, crushed limbs, slip and falls, and car accidents.
  • Medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is far more common than most people think. It occurs when a medical professional doesn’t provide an acceptable standard of medical care and the patient is injured as a result. Medical malpractice cases are extremely complicated. It’s important that if you or someone you love was hurt by medical malpractice that you consult with a lawyer experienced in this area.
  • Dog bites. Dog owners must follow certain rules to ensure that their dogs are secured and the public is not at risk of being bitten. However, there are certain times when a dog owner may not be liable for the injury. So, it’s important to consult with an experienced lawyer to understand how your claim may be handled by the insurance company or the court.

Personal Injury Claims Advice

If you think that you have a personal injury claim, you should:

  • Know how long you have to file a claim. In California, victims of personal injury only have two years from the date of injury to file their claim.
  • Get a report taken at the scene of the accident. For slip and falls that happen in a retail establishment of some sort, ask for a manager to complete an incident report. Get a copy of the report or the report number. You should also make sure that you understand how to get a copy of the report if you’re not given one. If you’re in a car accident, truck accident, or pedestrian accident, call the police. They will take a report and give you a report number. For on the job injuries, make sure that an accident or incident report is completed. Get a copy of the report or the report number.
  • Immediately get medical attention. If you have a medical emergency or an injury to your head, back, or neck, call 911. If you don’t think you’re injured or if you think you just have a minor injury, don’t skip the medical care. Call your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic. Minor injuries can get worse. Internal injuries may not have symptoms until they are very, very serious. Not getting medical care right away can damage your potential claim.
  • Call The Lawyers For The Injured at (909) 482-0384 as soon as you can. We are an experienced team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. With more than 25 years of practice experience, we pride ourselves in helping injury victims and their families get justice and financial compensation. We can help you stand up to the insurance company and the negligence party.

Can I Get Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Case?

Maybe. It’s important to remember that while personal injury victims may be entitled to some compensation, the type depends on the facts of the case. California does allow for pain and suffering to be awarded in a personal injury case. There’s also no cap on the amount that may be awarded to you. As the plaintiff you must be able to prove that you’ve suffered so much harm that you’re going to continue to suffer in the future. Physical injuries aren’t required for certain types of pain and suffering claims, but you’re more likely to be awarded pain and suffering compensation if you’ve been physically injured. Again, though, there is no guarantee that any case will necessarily be granted this sort of compensation. To discuss your potential claim, call us now at (909) 482-0384. We’re available 24 hours a day.

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