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Catherine Lombardo has been interviewed on many news programs like Tucker Carlson, HLN, CBS News, and many more. Here are a few clips of those interviews focusing on high-profile cases like the Las Vegas/Route 91 shooting and Children's Dental Group in Anaheim, CA.

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Catherine Lombardo

Catherine Lombardo founded Lawyers For the Injured developing and mentoring a strong staff dedicated to fighting for their clients. With decades of experience fighting and winning for our clients, the staff at Lawyers for the Injured continues to fulfill Catherine’s mission of being compassionate advocates for their clients, and treating all cases, big and small, with the same dedication. Before her passing, Catherine R. Lombardo was rated among the best Southern California Trial Attorney’s in California. Her staff, having worked under her guidance for nearly a decade, are motivated and committed to continuing Catherine’s life mission of service to her clients and community, maintaining Catherine’s standard of excellence, compassion, and service.

Catherine Lombardo


Rated among the best Southern California Trial Attorney’s in California.

Kendall O’Connell

With more than 25 years’ experience, Kendall O’Connell has an established reputation as an empathetic, savvy personal injury lawyer.

After 6 years of dedication to the clients of Lombardo Law, including 2 years as Senior Counsel managing the litigation department, Kendall was elevated to Managing Partner of the Lombardo Law Firm, and will continue to co-chair the firm’s personal injury practice.

Kendall is driven by the desire to ensure that people at a disadvantage against large insurance companies have a knowledgeable, compassionate advocate to protect them. Her goal in each case is to ensure they not only get positive resolution to their cases, but to also have an advocate physically, emotionally, and financially.

Whether approaching more minor injuries or wrongful death claims, Kendall applies the same drive and commitment to each case. She draws on her extensive legal experience, medical knowledge, and innate ability to navigate the law to create uniquely personalized strategies for the negotiation of each case. Our Firms’ presentation reflects that each client is a uniquely situated person, with real injuries, who deserves compensation for what they’ve been through. The insurers also know our team has experienced litigators, and if we can’t get a fair settlement, we will take the case to the Courts.

Prior to working at Lombardo Law, Kendall spent 19 years as a multidisciplinary project attorney whose experience includes civil litigation, corporate, family law, probate, administrative, employment and real property. Kendall prides herself in her universal knowledge to successfully advocate for clients in both State and Federal Courts.

Kendall O’Connell

Attorney at Law

Rated among the best Southern California Trial Attorney’s in California.

Kerry Rohr

A genuine and long-standing desire to stand up for others drew Kerry Rohr to the field of personal injury law. With more than 15 years of personal injury law experience, she recognizes that connecting with clients and understanding their situation is a vital aspect of litigating. Passionate, empathetic and deeply committed to the clients of Lombardo Law Firm, Kerry understands that their primary concerns include physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

Her ability to determine their needs and concerns effectively allows her to tailor the litigation process to them as much as possible, and thus, allows for streamlined and successful advocacy.

Forward thinking and fostering client confidence are the roots of Kerry’s approach to each case. Litigating cases can be a long and demanding process for someone, especially our clients who have already suffered physical and emotion distress from their injuries and losses. It is crucial that they know they are being heard. As the Senior Paralegal to the Lombardo litigation team, Kerry ensures that we do our very best to fight for our clients and to get them fairly compensated.

Prior to joining the Lombardo litigation team 4 years ago, Kerry served for 10 years as a Senior litigation paralegal in both State and Federal Courts, working concurrently in the tri-state jurisdictions of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Preceding that, she worked as a personal injury paralegal in California.

Kerry Rohr

Senior Paralegal

Rated among the best Southern California Trial Attorney’s in California.

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Motorcyle Injury or Death

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of motorcycle deaths dropped in 2018. However, motorcycle accidents still remain high...

October 16, 2019
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Conception memorial

C33 die in Conception charter vessel fire off the coast of Santa Cruz Island

Attorney Catherine Lombardo of Lawyers For The injured has launched an independent investigation into the tragedy that occurred on the Conception commercial charter vessel ...

September 5, 2019
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CW Door Company Box Truck Kills Two Women in Chino Hills CA

Two women killed in Chino Hills CA in a multi-car collision involving a large commercial truck belonging to CW Door Company and five other vehicles

June 13, 2019
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