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Driver kills female bicyclist in Claremont CA

On Saturday morning just after 11:30 a.m., a 54 year-old female bicyclist was hit by a car on Mills Avenue just south of Baseline Road in Claremont, California. The victim, Leslie Pray, was a Claremont resident. Leslie Pray was riding her street bicycle on Mills Avenue when the driver of a 1996 Mercury Tracer Wagon, green in color, driven by Sandra Wicksted, a 61 year Claremont resident, plowed directly into the victim.

Ms. Pray was killed during the bicycle vs. automobile accident. The fatal bike accident was immediately investigated by the Claremont Police Department and has been determined to be an intentional act. The defendant has been arrested and is being held on $2,000,000 bail and has been booked for murder.

CPD is looking for additional witnesses who might have observed the driving of the defendant, Ms. Wicksted, before she crashed into the bicyclist. Anyone with information about this fatal accident is asked to call the Claremont Police Department.

Traffic accident investigators immediately shut down the Claremont street at the scene of the accident to conduct their fatal bike accident investigation. Mills Avenue was closed for most of the day today, Saturday.

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