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Twin engine cessna airplane crashes in Staples parking lot in Santa Ana, CA

A twin-engine Cesna airplane crashed in Santa Ana Sunday, August 5, 2018, at 12:28 p.m., killing all 5 victims on board. The plane plummeted to the ground fast, and landed in the Staples parking lot at 3861 S. Bristol Street, crashing into a red car as it came to reset.

The pilot and four passengers have been identified as Navid Hakami, 32, of Los Angeles; and Bay Area residents Scott Shepherd, 53; Lara Shepherd, 42; Floria Hakami, 62; and Nasim Ghanadan, 29, according to the Orange County Coroner’s Office. Nasim Ghanadan had been previously identified by family members as a Realtor who was on the flight as part of a work-related trip.

The small passenger airplane crash happened as it was on approach to John Wayne Airport, but crashed just one mile away after a mayday call was send from the pilot to the airport. The national transportation authorities are now investigating the cause of the crash. No people were injured on the ground, according to Orange County fire authorities.

A dashcam video from a local motorist, which was obtained by several journalists, shows that the plane was plummeting nose first straight down to the ground. More details are soon to be released today by the NTSA investigators.

Personal injury attorney Catherine Lombardo at The Lombardo Law Office in Claremont, California was on the accident scene the Monday morning after the crash speaking with witnesses and mourners, as they gather facts in the investigation of this fatal airplane crash. Attorney Lombardo has been seen on National News over the past three years, speaking as the advocate for personal injury victims in the Children’s Dental Group infection cases which injured hundreds of children in Orange County, California, and the Las Vegas October 1 shooting case which killed 58 victims. The Lombardo Law Office can be reached at (909) 482-0384.